Preparing Punchboards

Many projects will contain punchboards – those large cardboard sheets containing all the bits and pieces that make up the game and that most gamers love to spend hours punching out. We know we do. But, we digress.

First off, when you create a punchboard, a special die will need to be created in order to create those punchouts. With one board, this isn’t so much of a problem; just a slight added charge for the die creation. However, costs can add up if you have multiple punchboards with separate dies for each board. You will want to design the boards with the same layouts so that one die can be used for multiple boards. This will save you a good amount of money.

In addition, many times you will want to have your pieces printed on both sides of the board. In order to correctly set this up, you need to create a mirror image of the layout. This means, if you have a triangular shape on the left side of the board on the front side, those triangles would need to be on the right side of the board for the back.


For tokens, you need to make sure that not only do you take into account bleed and margins for the overall punchboard, but bleed and margins for each token. You wouldn’t want the tokens to be so close to the board’s or other tokens’ edges that the die cuts too close and makes punching out the pieces a nightmare. So, not only do you have the standard .125″ / 3.175mm bleed and the same margin, but also a .236″ / 6mm bleed line around each token, as seen in the image below.

We cannot provide templates for punchboards simply because there are too many variables in what you might need. Please refer the above or talk with your Komodo Printing rep to get the specs needed to create a successful punchboard.